The New Nativity Event

Science-Based Holiday Figures Release Party @ Joseph Gross Gallery

Thursday , November 19th

The New Nativity Scene
Science-Based Holiday Figures

Most great holiday traditions are centered on religious myths. Science has
not yet generated its own holidays and shared social traditions… until
now. Ron English and Joseph Gross Gallery bring you the New Nativity: Monkey
Joseph, Monkey Mary and Monkey Baby Jesus in his manger!
You can now believe in evolution and not feel like a sacrilegious outsider
during the holidays. Display your intellect on your mantelpiece. Show your
family and friends how evolved you are! These Science-based tchotchkes are
guaranteed to offend (or delight) your brother-in-law. Buy an extra set for
your religious relatives!

… more info to come.
New Nativity event: November 19, Joseph Gross Gallery

528 W 28th St., New York, NY 10001