Art Basel

2016 Art Basel Miami Beach Florida

Art Basel in Miami Beach is the premier destination for thousands of international artists, collectors and enthusiasts to converge in the U.S. each year.

From large indoor/outdoor public exhibitions to ultra exclusive limited shows, Art Basel is a massive celebration of the world’s contemporary art scene.


One of Ron English’s most celebrated contributions to the show is the vibrant Temper Tot mural at the Wynwood Walls, among a collection of massively intricate murals by a variety of artists.


Photo: @sherrijtrahan

This colorful tot draws crowds all year and with the hot Miami sun, the paint takes a beating from the elements. While visiting Art Basel this year, Ron took the opportunity to give Temper Tot a little touch up.screenshot-2016-12-08-at-10-25-33-am


Photo: @ronenglishart

Visitors spared no time and have already used the freshen’d up Tot as a fun photo op.


Photo: @gingerninjanyc

Art Basel is a chance to bump elbows with all kinds of talent in the field, Popaganda fans were able to see some Ron English exclusives.




“Hello Catfish” @ronenglishart

Ron visited some of his gallery pieces and had the opportunity to visit his Ghost Guernica on a friend’s yacht.


Photo: @ronenglishart

As you might imagine, throughout the week are nonstop parties and networking events allowing artists to relax and enjoy beautiful Miami Beach surrounded by creative minds and incredible inspiration. The Popaganda team and friends had a blast and even got a little sparkly.


Swoon’s Birthday Party @ronenglishart

There’s still an opportunity to catch this year’s Art Basel and some of Popaganda’s coolest creations, with the event running officially from December 7th to 10th.