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Complexcon 2016 With High Times Magazine

Long Beach, California

Ron English and High Times Magazine joined forces for the 2016 ComplexCon, bringing a new era of socio-political statements to the fashion world with a line of exclusive clothing and accessories.


The Popaganja collab was unleashed on the West Coast this past weekend at ComplexCon.

Con visitors were able to snag some of the exclusive merch from the Popaganja collection, catch a glimpse of some LIVE Ron English art and get their hands on some exclusives for 2016.


The Popaganja merch featured a vintage laid back grunge vibe, featuing some classic High Times and Popaganda icons. With the success of Popaganja bodega pop up in NYC, bringing Popaganja to the West Coast for a limited time was a given, man.


Other brands joined forces with Ron for ComplexCon to create other wearable and collectible collaborations for Popaganda fans.


@OddSox Popaganda sock featured Ron’s Combrat in a swirl of psychadelic colors, complimenting the pallete of the Popaganja gear.




Falla Sheep.

Ron finished a few LIVE murals for the ComplexCon audience featuring a large pastel pop of Delusionville characters against a huge collage of classic Popaganda prints.





Slo Moe.

The murals threw a splash of Popaganda style across the convention center, letting con goers get up close and personal with some Ron English street art and transporting them on a one way ticket to Delusionville.


Along with the limited edition fashion collabs, Ron had a toy exclusive at ComplexCon by @3DRetro. The Artist Gnome Golden Hair ComplexCon limited edition vinyl was a miniature Ron English self portrait. This metalic little street artist stands about 4″ wearing it’s very own mini Popaganda Rabbbit tshirt and paint splattered pants.

The best part about this little exclusive is it’s tendency to come to life when you aren’t looking and paint mini murals on your walls…in case you were wondering.

Thank you ComplexCon, our friends at High Times Magazine, 3D Retro and Odd Sox for making this year’s convention an awesome collaborative experience for the Popaganda team and fans.¬†

We look forward to seeing what collaborations are to come in the upoming year and what Popaganda has in store for next year’s 2017 ComplexCon.