English Translation Series Opens in Shenzhen, China

New Work Interprets Iconic Influences

Ron unveils new work interpreting iconic influences from Basquiat, Picasso, and Warhol. The large scale oil paintings will be on display at Pop Life Art Space, opening Friday, June 21st. Located Tower 1/ No. 4080 Qiaoxiang Road. Shenzhen, China.

basquiat alien fire chihuahua rex.ptg basquiat boxer everlast.ptg basquiat grin aop anatomy.ptg basquiat guerilla guernica.ptg basquiat mona lisa grin.ptg basquiat portrait heart grin.ptg basquiat punk skunk brain.ptg blanka grin full body.ptg elefanka with monarchs.ptg guile grin full body.ptg panda grin chrysanthemum.ptg uncle scam's last breakfast.ptg simpsons grin family selfie.ptg verlas grin.ptg