Guerrilla artist Ron English: ‘You trade your health for art’

Article by The Guardian

“If you see people walking around wearing creepy skeleton face masks, you can blame Ron English.

The New York artist recently released a new line of masks with the Chicago-based company Threadless, with a portion of the proceeds going to MedShare, a charity that provides personal protective equipment to first responders.

There are more than 30 designs from the line, which turn his most celebrated artworks into wearable designs. From his trademark emoji grin to an American flag made of altered advertisements, there’s even a portrait of Donald Trump as an elephant named Trunk, who stands before the Fact Factory (there’s also a butterfly elephant named Elefanka).”

“I just figure, if we’re going to wear a mask, we might as well personalize them and make it fun,” said English. “It gives people freedom to express themselves, while being civic-minded.”

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