The Journey of the Star Skull

POPaganda Kickstarter

Ron English’s Star Skull has been represented in many of his paintings and has become iconic to his work. Twisting society’s view of mortality, the Star Skull very much signifies the “stars in our eyes”; society’s undying obsession for fame and recognition that outlives our bodies.

English has been producing successful designer vinyl toy runs since 2006. As of right now Ron is in the middle of producing his “Cereal Killers” Series of designer vinyl toys. With a high demand for a 3 dimensional Star Skull, Ron reached out to YOU via Kickstarter in hopes to produce the Star Skull before the completion of his current production series. We received an amazing response from our followers and our Kickstarter Campaign was funded! Join us on a journey through the entire process of the Star Skull, from the original sculpt to the final product, you can read it all here!

Ron started by sculpting. He prefers to solve all problems he may run into in 3D before creating a turnaround drawing. He calls this his “crude sculpt” and does this so that the skull reads as “formed by nature” as opposed to “formed by a drawing”.

Next Ron created a turnaround drawing. In this case the turnaround is designed to show proportions of the character or as it rotates in space. This is a key element when manufacturing as it is the only way to communicate your vision from all angles properly.

Once the turnarounds were drawn, scanned and sent, the factory in China began to sculpt. We made sure to keep all of our backers in the loop on this process by posting updates regularly to our Kickstarter page. See the approved sculpt below.


The packaging was then created by Ron and sent to the factory as a digital file.


The last step was final approval on the finished, packaged figure, and then the slow boat from China brought the figures to the US for distribution.

With your help, we brought the Star Skull to life. All sponsors were rewarded with a unique gift depending on the value of their pledge. The rewards for this project included extremely rare prints and toys along with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The Star Skulls came out perfect. We are so grateful that this project was such a success. Thank you to all of our backers. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.46.28 PM

Remember, the Glitter and GID versions of the Star Skull were exclusive to our Kickstarter backers and will never be made availalbe again. The Bone White version of the Star Skull is due to hit retailers soon! Stay tuned!