New Music by The Rabbbits!

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The RaBBBits

Popaganda Records


The Rabbbits, a Hudson Valley group of musicians lead by Artist Ron English and Musician Joe Johnson, are back with a new EP.


Each album tells a story of an underground upside down paradise called Delusionville. This psycho-utopia is populated by anthropomorphic animals locked in a world created by extreme belief systems. Currently Delusionville is controlled by an egomaniacal orange elephant named Trunk.


This latest release Reflection is both a four song declaration of transcendence and a deflation of the overblown ego of Trunk The Orange Elephant (played by Brandon Jemeyson of The Sutcliffes), culminating in Trunk’s moment of quiet reflection about the coming election and the possible end of his era.



Reflection is available on all the popular platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.


NOTE: The RaBBBits are spelled with three Bs.