NEW Poultry Rex Sneak Peek

POPaganda x Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery teased the attached photo on IG last week. with the following caption:


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Is it the missing link, or just the natural evolution of the great beasts of the past? The POULTRY REX should look pretty familiar to the Ron English enthusiast, as it’s been a regular feature in English’s work over the last few years. This scientific marvel began appearing in his Neo Nature exhibit in 2015 and stomped into various street mural projects ever since.
The last POPaganda x Toy Art Gallery collab was a pink version of the Poultry Rex figure made of 8″ of hot pink Sofubi goodness that retailed for 85$. 
What can we expect of this new Poultry Rex reveal?
Will it be more poultry or more rex?
Yellow seems reminiscent of the classic rubber chicken, leading us to believe it might be more poultry than it’s striking pink counterpart, but who knows!
Like the world’s greatest mysteries, only time will tell.