NYC Comic Con 2016

Photo Recap

The 2016 New York Comic Con was nothing short of incredible this year with tons of Ron English signings and limited releases. 

New York City had the opportunity to get their hands on toy exclusives like Liberty Grin and the Camo Peace Combrat ARTion exclusive.

Toy Tokyo’s booth was buzzing as people got their hands on the curvy and grinning Lady Lib and had Ron sign them on the spot along with the Trumpty Dumpty Dynomighty wallet signing for Ron English fans to store those dirty billions in one convenient place.


The Combrat ARTion exlusive was a rare find as Ron’s first 1/6 scale toy and were scooped up fast at the ToyQube booth!


The Sprayground backpack colab literally came to life at the convention. A body-painted model was flawlessly painted to match the Ron English design of the winged backpack, complete with Temper Tot front and center.


Possibly the biggest announcement from this year’s convention is Ron’s Artist of the Year Award at Clutter Magazine’s Designer Toy Awards.


With some awesome projects released in the course of this year and more to come before the year is out, Ron English’s Artist of the Year was no surprise to anyone.

This wraps up another successful year of NYC Comic Con and we are looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring to New York.