POPAGANDASTAN: Solo Exhibition by Ron English @ Corey Helford

Somewhere down an inter-dimensional rabbit-hole

“Thoughts form easily, directed on their seamless journey by stray dialogue or random visual cues, and on rare occasions they trip portals into the deep subconscious and without warning reveal fleeting glimpses of the sublime before morphing back into random trivialities drifting like shadows on clouds. I never know when or from where the potent ones come, but I try to be ready.” – Ron English

POPagandastan is a series of lavishly painted canvases depicting the expansive universe that lies just beneath the surface of our consciousness, somewhere down an inter-dimensional rabbit-hole.

Join Ron English at Corey Helford Gallery on October 26th for his most ambitiously conceptual exhibition to date. The opening reception will take place from 7pm-10pm.

Corey Helford Gallery 8522 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232 310-287-2340


Open Tuesday – Saturday, Noon to 6:00pm