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Popaganja Bodega Recap

The 2016 Ron English and High Times Collab

The Popaganja Bodega project release was a whole lot of fun, man.

Ron and High Times Magazine joined forces to introduce a line of clothing and accessories introduced in a Popaganda’ized bodega pop up shop in New York City.

The bodega featured a massive collection of High Times publications and some familiar Ron English faux advertisements to give the bodega a legit NYC grunge feel. Complete with a roach or two.

This exclusive strain of 90s grunge retro inspired apparel is available online now at the High Times online store. Don’t miss the opportunity to snag some of these medical grade styles before they burn out.

Here’s some awesome shots of the Popaganja release and some of Ron’s extra Mary Jane bodega flair.


Sponsors: Popaganja with Awning —> Kandypen, Loud Lollipops, Raw Papers


Photographer: Anthony Blue Jr. @antbluejr


Ron English – High Times Display; Anthony Blue Jr. @antbluejr

High Times Merchandise Offering;  Photographer – Sharon Marrero @_718s


Parody Popaganja Cigarette Boxes – Sharon Marrero @_718s

Popaganda and High Times will have a booth at the 2016 Complex Con in Long Beach, California in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and toked for details about what’s in store for Popaganja.