Ron English “POPaganda On Paper” A Virtual Exhibition Interview & Preview

An interview with STREET ART NEWS

In Preparation for his upcoming POPaganda on Paper show with Pop International Galleries, Ron talked to Street Art News about the show, Banksy, and Covid-19.

“Well I’m sure I would find it funny if that helps?  But getting back to your new show featuring all works on paper.  Is this is the first time you’ve had a fully online art exhibition?

Yes. It kind of started organically because I just thought, OK, I’m in a weird position. I can hang out for a year and a half and just work on the Delusionville, and I can make every plant, every animal, every house, every river I can.  Everything completely unique and cool, and I can just work on this project for a year. At the end of the year, I’m going to release a book called The Grand Delusion about this new world. Then I can go to Hollywood to do a cartoon show or maybe do a VR version. It would be like the Bible of Delusionville.  This is all the animals, this is what their belief system is, this is what their political system is…etc.  I figured I would just work on it for a year and pull the whole thing together and have this grand, magnificent thing.  I thought nobody’s selling anything. The galleries can’t get open. And then I started checking on some artist friends, and they are telling me “Oh, yeah. I’ve never done better.” And then Pop International Galleries contacted me and said “Give us a work on paper because we’ve been selling a lot of works online since we can’t open up yet.”  So I gave them some and they sold really quickly, so I gave them more and those sold like crazy, so at that point we said “Let’s just have a show!””


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