Ron English’s TOYBOX at Corey Helford Gallery

Opening December 7:00 pm

Ron English returns to Corey Helford Gallery with TOYBOX, a new body of work deploying the artist’s long established visual vocabulary into multilayered narratives of ambition and imagination. TOYBOX deconstructs the search for new meaning in a culture that is based as much on the imagination of its participants as on the physical realities these human concepts are played against. The toy based childhood imagination aesthetic of the work allows for a playful new look at a society in the throes of reinventing itself.

The exhibition, featuring 36 new oil paintings, as well as sculpture and installation, examines the creation of the self, and thus the greater society, as an act of imagination, a skill developed in childhood largely through the activity of play and the use of toys. Toys introduce a codified visual narrative of the individual and the archetypes that construct the collective narrative that is the underpinning of society.

Also included in the event are a pop-up store selling Popaganda toys and products, a lifesesize nativity scene, and new billboards and murals!

Corey Helford Gallery is located at 571 South Anderson St in Downtown Los Angeles.