SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Vinyl Star Skull Kickstarter

Ron English's Star Skull has become iconic to his work

English has been producing successful designer vinyl toy runs since 2006. As of right now Ron is in the middle of producing his “Cereal Killers” Series of designer vinyl toys. With a high demand for a 3 dimensional Star Skull, Ron is reaching out to you in hopes that he can produce the Star Skull before the completion of his current production series. Ron English’s Star Skull has been represented in many of his paintings and has become iconic to his work. The Vinyl Star Skill Kickstarter will launch on Thursday October 2nd. Help Ron reach his goal of bringing the Star Skull to 3 dimensions. All backers will receive a reward in return for their contribution. We have set up tons of physical and experiential rewards for all backers. Stay tuned for reward details!