Telegrinnies: The Final Frontier

The Limited Edition "The Pope & Satan" Will Mark the Last Releases of the Telegrinnies Collection

MadeByMonsters, Ron English and the JPS gallery will be releasing the “Satan” and “Pope” Telegrinnies next Monday on September 12th at 10AM Hong Kong Time exclusively online at


Photo: Street Robot 

This final release of the collection will feature 200 numbered limited pieces.

These vinyl figures are measuring about 20.5cm featuring a very familiar metallic grin and ribcage chest plate.

In the limited 200 set, theres 30% secret (Secret: featured black Satan Telegrinnies with cape) and 70% normal.

This satanic Telegrinnies finale doesn’t disappoint with its piercing red eyes and inverted cross antennae, the obvious reining rule over its colorful Telegrinnies counterparts.screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-44-33-pm

(Photo: JPS Gallery)

The Pope however doesn’t disappoint either in all its white and gold glory, with blue eyes and a golden cross adorning its head as an antennae.


(Photo: Street Robot)

Don’t miss the close of this collection with the dark prince of the Telegrinnies himself, the “Satan” and the divine holiness the “Pope” Limited Edition.

The Pope and Satan retails at

US$230 – Asia
US$240 – USA / Canada / Australia
US$250 – Europe / South America


With the devil, we bid the Telegrinnies a fond farewell.