The Diabolical MC 16

MC 16's Late December Arrival

In case you missed it, MC Supersize earned some street cred this December. 


This colorful camo variant of MC brought to life by Blackbook Toy features a huge camoflage burger, and an M16. His squishy sofubi vinyl body stands at an impressive 16″ high and features articulating limbs.

I mean, who doesn’t hold their M16 in one hand and a burger in the other?


The face of this supersize is familiar and comes in three available variants; white, clear (stealth) and camo. His strikingly realistic M16 has a handy fork and spoon that is of course, supersized.


Trying to start a Mc Army?

MC 16 will take you to consumerist no man’s land without looking back. This fella will set you back about $165 and of course be a nice addition to your Ron English camo collection.

As an ironic twist, 2016 came to an end with MC 16’s release, leaving a ton of these full figured figures already sold out after the holidays.


To get your hands on yours, you’ll have to head into the front lines because he’s starting to disappear.