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The Popaganda POPcast


Ever wish you could sit down with your favorite artists and pick their brain?

Ron English beat you to it.

In this emerging Popaganda POPcast series, Ron and photographer/filmmaker Cordero Gano come together each week to interview a player from the worlds of art, fashion and entertainment.

There’s no limits to where the conversation will go, just an authentic conversation among artists.

Tune into Ron’s podacast on Itunes to dive into the inspiration behind major art collections, and hear some hilarious experiences they’ve had along the way in the crazy world of creators.

They promise to go off topic, entertain tangents and tell hilarious stories about how awesome creative minds got where they are, give insight about where they’re headed and everything in between.

POPcast is fueled by listeners, encouraging Popaganda fans to send in suggestions for guests, topics and help fun this awesome outlet.┬áIt’s official start was an interview with Morgan Spurlock this November, setting an awesome pilot for the series and a perfect place to start.


Check out the POPcast on Itunes and help us guide the conversation with our favorite minds in the art world.