The TexMex Welcome Wall Project Begins

Who's gonna build the wall? WE ARE!

2000 ft long. 15 ft tall. On the TexMex border. And artists from around the world are coming to paint it.  It’s called THE WELCOME WALL

We need your help realizing this art installation. Please visit the Indie Go Go Campaign and donate. We have amazing perks. Prints with color pencil embellishments. Hand Painted Monarch Butterfly paintings and more to come. Even if you don’t have the funds to buy one of these amazing pieces of art, you can still help by donating a dollar, or by sharing this project with friends and family on your social media.

Together we can make a stand!

Yours Truly,

Team Popaganda

full border wall feb 2019 small 4



“The Welcome Wall concept is to give each artist one hundred feet of wall. Every artist will present a different perspective. Artists with an intimate relationship with the issue will be the soul of the concept. My personal art has always been at its heart about freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of ideas, and freedom from the blind allegiance to any perspective, even my own. The underlying concept behind this project is to broaden the horizons of dialogue and to better understand the concerns of everyone. ”