Zumiez Couch x Ron English

Photo Recap

Here is snapshot of our activity this weekend atĀ  Zumiez. Additional images and video will be coming from Zumiez shortly.

On July 27th 2015 POPaganda partnered with Zumiez to create/host a
POPaganda Couch Party. The event took place at the Zumiez location at 840 Broadway in Union Square. The eventĀ  took place from 2PM – 6PM, was open to the public and featured POP themed games complimentary snacks, beverages and POPanada give aways.

For the event Ron custom painted a Zumiez Couch. Leading up to the event,
images of the couch were teased to the public through Zumiez, POPaganda and Ron’s personal Instagram accounts.

*Upon completion of the event the couch will be displayed in The Zumiez window at 840 Broadway for the month of July. The window will be merchandised with POPaganda apparel and fan images of the Smiley coloring contest. The couch will then be featured as a grand prize on Zumiez Stash site.


During the event, The Zumiez staff lead over 60 participants in a POPaganda coloring contest. Fans received a black and whit Smiley and were challenged to coloring or create there own character. Once completed the Smiley’s were hung on display.

unnamed-10 unnamed-9
Ron Chose 10 of his favorite Smiley’s from the contest and allowed the winners the opportunity to get spend some one on one time with Ron.
While on the POP couch, Ron played the role Psychologist and asked each fan a few questions about themselves and quickly sketched a custom picture for them.
While fans waited to meet Ron they enjoyed complimentary POPaganda cookies and beverages.unnamed-1
There was no shortage of fans sharing there experience via Instagram
#ZumiesLife received +47K in impressions related
#RonEnglish received +103K in impressions related to the activity
#POPaganda +80K

Here are a few of our favorites:





Even fans who didn’t participate in the contests came down to purchase POPaganda apparel and waited on line to meet Ron and get some of there
works by Ron signed.

The cutest moment of the day goes to @Mavenforthemasses, who brought
her son Giovanni from brooklyn, so he could wait online to give Ron a present.

During the day we also distributed 150 of our limited edition pins with PinTrill