NEW Article on Street Art News - Ron English Interview & Studio Visit

"The phrase "living legend" is used pretty liberally these days in the art world. But there is no debate as to the legendary status of the one and only Ron English. Ron's work has already reached the level of iconic over a decade ago, and has been a major influence on every single street artist for at least the past 20 years. For some reason I will never understand (but I'm not going to argue) Ron was kind enough to invite me into his home & studio to chat about art, music, his early years, and a very busy second half of 2015. "

Background Noise, Episode 50: Ron English

The Background Noise series focuses on the music artists listen to when they work, what music inspires them, or just music they like. This week, in episode 50, the focus is on artist Ron English. The entire series originally appeared on

Check out Background Noise, Episode 50 featuring Ron English by CLICKING HERE!

Ron English's Characters and their Representations

I was that boy who dreamed of digging holes to China in my backyard, where every blade of grass became a green army soldier laid low by an advancing plastic horde of Cowboys, Indians, and assorted disposable heroes. And now I conjure my eight-year-old self to help me remember what he saw so that I can make it for him: Imagination in return for the skills to render his vision. I call it stealing candy from my inner child.

"Why I Paint Guernica" - Ron English

Guernica for me is a modern template, just as the Madonna and Child is an ancient template. There are many templates in art, shells upon which the artist forges a vision, contributing to a shared cultural experience. Art existed long before the concept of the New—the idea of singular vision and intellectual property. So I approach the Guernica template cognizant and reverent of its meaning and cultural significance.

A Visit with Robert Indiana

I had the honor of a lifetime this weekend when I was invited by Publisher Michael McKenzie and Peggy Malone to venture up North for a visit with legendary painter Robert Indiana.

Robert was incredibly gracious, showing us around his home, which is decked out with treasures both priceless and quirky...

The Emperor's New Art

Coming Soon...the original web series The Emperors New Art Produced by ToTT Global x Popaganda x Ebaums World. Starring the one and only Ron English.

Ron English Interview on Triple J TV - Australia

April 21, 2009 - Ron English is well know to authorities in the US. He's been to jail over thirty times for putting his spin on corporate billboards. Although he's been referred to as an 'art terrorist' and a 'billboard liberator', culture jamming is generally the name given to this form of art It's Ron English's first Australian visit and he teams up with young Aussie street artists as they take on local advertisements.

Abraham Obama Film Screening SF IndieFest 2009 - Roxie Cinema

JetSet Graffiti Productions is proud to announce the debut of our first feature length documentary at this year’s San Francisco Independent Film Festival! “Abraham Obama” is a humorous and provocative look at an unprecedented political art movement. A campaign to change the visual landscape of America yields a new President, and ushers in a new collective consciousness for America’s people.