Ron English has joined forces with artrepublic.com to launch his latest limited edition 22-Screen Silkscreen Print print entitled ‘Camo Deer In Autumn’. The print is from an edition of just 75 and is available to buy EXCLUSIVELY online at artrepublic.com and via the artrepublic.com pop-up store at BOXPARK London, from Monday, 2 February - Sunday 8th February 2015. Fans can also meet Ron at a book signing at the artrepublic.com Boxpark store on Saturday, 7 February – so why not come along and meet the man himself?

Save the Date: New Year's Eve POPaganda Artist Ball!

Grandlife Presents New Year's Eve POPaganda Artist Ball! Join Ron English and Team POPaganda at the POPaganda Artist Ball this New Year's Eve hosted by Ron English, Olek, Jon Burgerman, Logan Hicks, Buff Monster, Agent Lori Zimmer, Natalie Kates Projects and more. The evening will include an open bar from 10pm to 2am, special art performances by Ron English and Olek, and the 2015 ball drop by George Kroenert! See ticket breakdown below.

WACO Revisited: 1993

It's hard to remember, but the Branch Davidian siege in Waco lasted nearly two months before its fiery end, and for most of that time, a lively carnival atmosphere pervaded on the road leading up to the compound. Ron visited that road two weeks before the end. RIP.

RIP Ronnie Cutrone

I was Ronnie's assistant for a while in the eighties. I didn't really need the job. I just savored my one-on-one time with Ronnie. This is a picture I took of Ronnie and Robert Williams at Psychedelic Solution in the late eighties. He was always warm and funny, and one of my favorite artists. The world won't be the same without him.


AVAILABLE TODAY: "Military Might" Street Art Paster

Street Art Wednesdays, street art paster downloads! First up, "Military Might: Less Chilling, More Killing!"

WARNING: Repeated exposure to violence may lead to psychological conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder. Veterans have a high risk of homelessness and societal neglect after service.

The Military Might street art paster download will be available today, at 12pm EST, only on POPaganda.com!

Dollar Download - Duncan High Hash Brownies

Join the Team Popaganda Culture Jamming Machine with the weekly dollar downloadable product subversion design!! This week's feature addresses the issue of marijuana legalization by showing what a post-pot-prohibition supermarket experience might look like with Duncan High Hash Brownies on a supermarket shelf near you!

Dum English Fan Tattoo!

Check out Bridgett Smith's Dum English Tattoo!

"I love love love the skull astronaut! I immediately knew I wanted to get this tatted as soon as they launched." - says Bridgett 

Send us your fan Tattoo's to info@popaganda.com 

New Fan Art

Today we received this awesome postcard in the mail! Ron thought this was hilarious. Thank you to the anonymous sender of this post card! 

Welcome to POPaganda!

Welcome to the new and improved POPaganda.com! We are very excited to announce the re-launch of our site.

POPaganda now features a full image gallery, up-to-date news, and an expanded full-service webstore with signed, hard to find, and exclusive merchandise designed by Ron.

Special Thanks to Trade In Cool and Clutter who designed, programmed, host and maintain our site.




Cereal Boxes: Note From a Fan

"Hi Ron, I just wanted to let you know that I just spoke to one of the managers at the Ralph's on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice, CA, and he said that they had found some cereal boxes with stickers on the front of them over the weekend.