Thanks to our partners, friends and fans, POPaganda crushed at SXSW this year! Ron and Risk did a mural at Spiderhouse Café, which served as home base for the POP Team. Our double decker party bus cruised downtown Austin with incredible DJs and celebrity guests Wiz Khalifa and Action Bronson. Cathy Cowgirl made an appearance. Our amazing augmented reality app brought Ron’s images to life, and our POP Team spread the love through T shirts and giveways. Thanks Austin! We’ll see you next year!

"Why I Paint Mickey Mouse" - Ron English

I remember making a painting of Mickey Mouse as a young child. I didn't think of it as a subversive act. I was just rendering a beloved character that dominated my little world. Mickey Mouse was omnipresent. Mickey was America's mouse. Mickey was everybody's mouse. By the time I had kids of my own Mickey Mouse was stamped on everything from plates to diapers. Without any effort of proactive will on my part my house filled with images of the mouse.

Electric Projected, Beacon NY, October 1

On October 1st at the intersection of Main St and East Main St, in Beacon NY, the entire street gets shuts down and a huge party is held. When the sun sets, 24 animated shorts are projected onto the facade of the Electric Windows Building. Each animation is inspired by one of the pieces of art on the building. DJ Bobby Collins live mixes durring the animations to accompany the show. 

Popaganda CD-ROM

The participants on the project CD POPaganda were given a CD ROM and videotape of the art contained within this book and asked to create a soundtrack to the art. Beyond that the instructions were unspecific. A couple of the bands were completely stumped, so I wrote some lyrics and a couple of hooks. From there, it was uncharted territory. It has been my experience that if you present talented musicians with a good challenge, they will rise to meet the challenge, or in this case wildly exceed it. The stuff they came up with was quite varied and brilliant.