Brandit-Popmart @ UNT RECAP

The second week in March featured a curious store opening and closing in the Downtown Square of Denton, Texas. Returning to his alma mater, the University of North Texas, Ron opened his Brandit Popmart with the help of UNT art department design faculty and students, in the UNT on the Square gallery space.

POP-EYECONIC At Corey Helford Gallery

Ron English has taken part in Corey Helford Gallery's new group exhibition entitled POP-EYECONIC. This show is an exploration of popular iconic characters that will be playing off a theme we have seen before.

Fun at Art Basel

Ron has been down in Miami this week as Art Basel 2013 heats up. He has been installing a massive subvertising wall at Scope... 

Elsewhere at Scope a few of Ron's peices can be found at the Corey Helford booth...

POPagandastan Opens TONIGHT @ The Corey Helford Gallery

POPagandastan is a series of lavishly painted canvases depicting the expansive universe that lies just beneath the surface of our consciousness, somewhere down an inter-dimensional rabbit-hole. Like an Acid-Pop Aesop’s Fable, these paintings serve as a conceptual battleground for a multitude of viewpoints in harmonic opposition, creating the ultimate Pop Utopia. English has populated his visionary village with his original characters, each the embodiment of a distinct aspect of the human condition.

POPagandastan Opens Tomorrow @ The Corey Helford Gallery

"I hold only minimal allegiance to the original vision as I am working, allowing for small discoveries revealed through materials, process or luck. Amorphous imagery is transformed into real life objects that mimic the surreality of the original vision but create a more authentic relationship between the figures and the environment, where impossible perspectives and mythologies become actual yet physically distorted situations." - Ron English

POPAGANDASTAN: Solo Exhibition by Ron English @ Corey Helford

"Thoughts form easily, directed on their seamless journey by stray dialogue or random visual cues, and on rare occasions they trip portals into the deep subconscious and without warning reveal fleeting glimpses of the sublime before morphing back into random trivialities drifting like shadows on clouds. I never know when or from where the potent ones come, but I try to be ready." - Ron English

POPagandastan at Corey Helford - October 26th

Join Ron at Corey Helford Gallery on October 26th for his most ambitiously conceptual exhibition to date. POPAGANDASTAN is a series of lavishly painted canvases depicting the expansive universe that lies just beneath the surface of our consciousness, somewhere down an inter-dimensional rabbit-hole.

Date: Saturday, October 26, 2013 

Location: Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA

June 8th is Ron English Extravaganza Day in Beacon, New York!

The journey up Main St begins at Bank Square Coffeehouse, where a 20-foot-tall banner proclaims the existence of Beacon's own Bigfoot! The exhibition of photos depicts various Bigfoot sightings around the woods of Beacon, Cold Spring, and the Hudson Valley. Do you believe in Bigfoot? Bigfoot believes in you!

Bank Square Coffee House 129 Main St. Beacon N.Y. 12508

The Pop Surrealism Show at Opera Gallery NYC

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 21 marks the opening for the Pop Surrealism Show at Opera Gallery NYC! Featuring Ron English and other luminaries such as Sorayama, Sas and Colin Christian and Lori Earley. The opening starts at 6:00 pm. 115 Spring St. See you there!

NUART Street Art Festival in Norway

Ron is in Norway today painting murals in Stavanger, the host city for this year's NUART Street Art Festival. He will be painting two large murals, participating in tomorrow evening's panel discussion, and introducing the documentary "POPaganda: The Art and Crimes of Ron English" to a Norwegian audience. We'll post pictures of the new murals as they develop!