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Status Factory Book Signing and Toy Release @ T.A.G.

Ron English heads to Toy Art Gallery for a special one-day only toy release and book signing on Sunday, July 13th. Ron will be at Toy Art Gallery's Melrose location from 2-4 PM as he unveils new collaborative toy projects and to sign his new retrospective book Status Factory.

Status Factory Book Launch @ T.A.G.

Ron English comes to Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles on July 13th with a custom show of handpainted figures and unique stencils on paper! Temper Tot! Lil Bigfoot, Urban Bigfoot, and Modzilla, Ron's first true Kaiju figure. All of these pieces are completely exclusive to TAG.

Ron English "Drug 'Em Killfrog" - The Sugar Smack Bullfrog

Stimulate your nucleus accumbens with a brand new, non-addictive, high fructose free, cereal killer designer toy! Drug'em Killfrog joins his apostle brethren Fat Tony, Cap’n Cornstarch, Count Calorie and Yucky Children Charmer as the fifth member of The Last Fat Breakfast. Collect them all, but remember, these are not recommended for human consumption: this is hifalutin fine art! Drug'em Killfrog stands 8” tall and can be found in fine toy art store near you.


POPaganda Streetwear NOW AVAILABLE!

POPaganda Streetwear has hit the shelves at Zumiez! The POPaganda Streetwear line presents a unique lineup of tee-shirts, crew-necks and five-panel hats featuring some of Ron English's most iconic characters and images including Mouse Mask Murphy, MC Supersized, Heart Skull and of course, Smiley Grin!

POPaganda Apparel - Coming soon to a store near you!

POPaganda Apparel is coming soon to a store near you. The POPaganda Apparel line presents a unique lineup of tee-shirts, crew-necks and snapbacks featuring some of Ron English's most iconic characters and images including Mouse Mask Murphy, MC Supersized, Figment, Heart Skull and of course, Grin!

Now Available: Little Bigfoot Screen Print

This limited edition "Little Bigfoot" screen print has been inspired by Bigfoot sightings around the woods of Beacon, Cold Spring, and the Hudson Valley, and proclaims the existence of Beacon's own Bigfoot!

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Bigfoot believes in you! The Little Bigfoot Limited Edition Screen Print is NOW AVAILABLE on for $60


After the extreme success of the first MC Supersized Porcelain, Ron English is pleased to introduce its new collaboration with K.Olin tribu: The new Mc Supersized Porcelain Black & White. The new MC features a white shiny side and a black matte side. The black side was creatued using a small fire decoration made entirely by hand. 


Height: 22 cm

PRE-ORDER: ‘Temper Tot’

We are proud to announce Ron English's upcoming Vinyl Figure, the ‘Temper Tot’.

Standing 8-inches tall, he’s one of Ron’s most recognizable characters having been based on his "The Incredulous HulkBoy" piece for the "Status Factory" Show.

Bart Grin available at SDCC 2012

Limited to 200 pieces and standing at 10" tall, 50 pieces of the Bart Grin "Ron English" Colorway will be available at SDCC from the 3DRetro/Frank Kozik Booth #4734. Also available at SDCC from Toy Tokyo's booth will be the "Original"Colorway - also limited to 500 pieces, 100 will be available. Both priced at $120.


Ron English's Stickable Art Offenses: A Sticker Book

Here is a book of stickers you can actually put up in your own environment, filled with mini-billboards, "subvertisements" and other visual enhancements from one of the most prolific and recognizable artists today. Ron English's Stickable Art Offenses puts you in control of the canvas. These hilarious parodies are more than enough to keep you entertained -- as well as arrested! Just ask the artist himself. Actually, you don't have to. English retells the story of how undercover agents in plainclothes rushed him outside of a popular Manhattan club.

MC's Secret Circus: New Comic Book: Pre-Order Now

Ron English puts a contemporary twist on the pre-code comic aesthetic with the secret history of MC Supersized, the man who would be Ronald McDonald...if he hadn't eaten the food. Also introducing MC's obese alien sidekick Francis, who came to serve man...but got served. The comic, featuring parodies of comic book advertising, wacky packs, and introducing the Kursed Kids, offers a second chance at corruption for the generation of post-code consumers who were not sufficiently damaged by the comics of their youth.