NEW on POPagandaTV: Temper Tot Mural in Little Italy

After a brutal two days in 95-degree weather, Pink Temper Tot joins her Green brother on the Temper Tot wall in Little Italy, at 114 Mulberry St. Dedicated to Ron's kids Zephyr and Mars, the original Temper Tots, Thx to Wayne Rada and Rey Rosa from the LISA Project, @Solusstreetart for working the lift, Umberto's Clam House for the food, and all our friends and supporters who came out.

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Exciting Releases This Fall!

Ron English and POPaganda have teamed up with a variety of brands to bring you some amazing releases this fall! Below is a SNEAK PEEK preview!

POPaganda x kidrobot

Uncle Scam

Compound x HYPEBEAST: Ron English on His Love of Confusing Other People

HYPEBEAST has teamed up with The Compound, a creative studio located in the birthplace of hip-hop, New York City, on Compound Conversations, a series of interviews in a surreal space curated by Set Free. In this latest episode, they talk to the esteemed “Godfather of Street Art,” Ron English, on the relative cultural isolation of his childhood in the Midwest, his first exposure to the art world, and the moment where it occurred to him that his art could go anywhere, legally or not.

LoMan Art Festival Photo Recap

The walls of lower Manhattan were recently brought to life thanks to The LoMan Arts Festival, New York City’s first-ever mural festival. The event’s inaugural year brought large-scale works by acclaimed mural artists to 21 lower Manhattan neighborhoods, from 23rd Street to the South Street Seaport, in celebration of art that is public, permanent, and accessible to all.

LoMan Art Festival

The LoMan Art Festival will take place August 5 - August 9 of 2015. Over two dozen of the best mural artists from all over the world will paint as many large-scale murals in Lower Manhattan, from 23rd Street to the South Street Seaport, from East Side to West Side . Most of these artists will come from a background in street art, both local and international, with a track record of big and bold work. Ten days before the festival, the artists will work on site-specific installations through out Lower Manhattan.