RECAP: Zumiez Couch x Ron English

Here is snapshot of our activity this weekend at Zumiez. Additional images and video will be coming from Zumiez shortly. On July 27th 2015 POPaganda partnered with Zumiez to create/host a POPaganda Couch Party. The event took place at the Zumiez location at 840 Broadway in Union Square. The event took place from 2PM - 6PM, was open to the public and featured POP themed games complimentary snacks, beverages and POPanada give aways. For the event Ron custom painted a Zumiez Couch.

POPaganda: The Art and Crimes of Ron English - NOW ON YOUTUBE

In this critically acclaimed documentary (filmed in an appropriately guerilla style), director-producer Pedro Carvajal captures vigilante artist Ron English as he makes a series of thought-provoking -- and sometimes just plain odd -- statements. The film also serves as a biography, chronicling English's evolution from a simple painter to an activist-instigator who skewers just about everything -- from Ronald McDonald to the war in Iraq.


Temper Tot at The Coney Art Walls

While Ron painted his contribution to The Coney Art Walls, Temper Tot had his own agenda. Keep scrolling to join Temper Tot on a tour through The Coney Art Walls current completed murals!

Temper begins at his home base, Ron English's wall, which happens to be the entrance of the Coney Art Walls.

Beacon Bigfoot Movie NOW ON YOUTUBE!

High school student Mars English has what he believes to be a bigfoot sighting which leads him to investigate other sightings in his area. He ends up discovering that half of his town has encountered Bigfoot. He tries not to judge the veracity of the people who have had encounters but rather takes it as a cultural phenomenon.


New on Mass Appeal "Ron English Takes Over ‘Coney Art Walls"

"The Coney Island freak show just got way better.